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Welcome to the website of the INKAviz web application, which presents data and outputs from the “INKA - Innovation Capacities 2014+” mapping of companies in Czechia.

What is the INKA mapping?

In order to maximise the effectiveness of funding of applied research and innovation it is necessary to have deep knowledge of the Czech innovation ecosystem, and particularly of the level of innovation capacity of companies in Czechia.


Hence, the “INKA - Innovation Capacities 2014+” mapping was created and has been conducted at the TA CR since 2014. The primary task was to create a functional and long term sustainable methodology for mapping the innovation environment in Czechia. The next step was to test and implement the methodology with the purpose to provide important and unique information from the innovation environment at regular intervals. The gathered information serves as a basis and stimulus for the implementation of funding in the field of RDI.

How is it done?

In Czechia “INKA - Innovation Capacities 2014+” represents a unique mapping exercise. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of micro- and macro-economic data with primary data. Primary data is obtained through structured interviews in systematically selected companies that show innovation potential. In order to be able to conduct the mapping to the required extent, we collaborate with regional organisations (innovation centres, regional development agencies, etc.) and with the CzechInvest agency. Our partners then use the gathered information to correctly target their regional funding, for example.

Data protection

It would not be possible to conduct the entire mapping exercise without the willingness of companies to share often unpublishable, strategic, or otherwise important information that is essential for the operation or focus of the company. We very much value the companies’ openness, and therefore, we guarantee that we will ensure the security of the information obtained. All the primary data from interviews are treated as confidential and only selected and verified personnel have access to it while only aggregated and anonymized data is public and may be viewed on this website.

What can be found in the INKAviz application?

The INKAviz application displays data obtained from structured interviews performed in companies, but only in an aggregated form. Via the application the general public can access and analyse the aggregated data for their own purposes. The application settings allow a user to easily filter and search for information according to selected criteria (the “Aggregated data” tab). The application also includes:

  • Visualisation of selected data from structured interviews displayed in the form of interactive graphical outputs (the “Interactive analysis” tab),
  • Pre-prepared basic data analyses and overviews (“Basic analyses”, “Regional analysis”), and
  • Detailed description of the methodology (the “Mapping results” tab in the top bar).